Scheduled Trail Work Day

Scheduled Trail Work Day

We have a trail work day scheduled for September 22, 2018 from 9am until 3pm.

We will be meeting at the Hotel Manor in Slate Run and divide into teams there working on the Black Forest Trail specifically. A good portion of the trail work that will need to be done is string trimmer work clearing stinging nettle and hand pruner work to knock back mountain laurel. We will have all sections needing work documented on maps prior to our work day and coordinate our efforts the best we can with those involved that day. If you want to take a section of work but won't be able to make the 9am start time, we can arrange a section prior to the work day. After we are done, we will be meeting back at the Hotel Manor at 3pm for a round of drinks and appetizers on us - full meals on you.

If you are not familiar with stinging nettle, we'll just say it can make your race day very uncomfortable. Work day attire should be long sleeves and pants, ear and eye protection, gloves and sturdy shoes or boots.

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