Required Service Hours Update

Required Service Hours Update

🗣 What do we expect? 
As a reminder, we do expect that all of our participants fulfill their service hours prior to racing with us at Black Forest. If you have forgotten what we would like to see, please visit https://blackforestultra.com/service-requirement/ to review what we are looking for with our service requirements. We would like to add some additional clarification to these requirements and with the current climate we are experiencing around the world, an alternative for those who may not be able to satisfy their service hours in the ordinary way.

  1. Participants do not need to volunteer in team or group work days or at races. Buddy or solo work has always been okay and for now is the recommended way to fulfill your requirements.
  2. Coordinate with your local park, race director, etc., before starting any work. Unless you're doing trash pick up, don't go into the woods with tools and do you're own thing. It's extremely easy to email a race director or local hiking club that maintain trails and ask what work can be done. Someone is going to need to sign off the form anyhow. General spring trail maintenance that includes pruning back over grown trails and moving dead fall off the trail is a large help to our trail systems. A pair of snips, loppers, and work gloves can go a long way in helping keep our trails accessible and looking their best.
  3. Our aim with our service hours is to bring our running community together and get people more involved with the trail racing scene but if doing trail maintenance or volunteering at a race this spring (or over the summer if the race is moved), then we have another option for you. All participants can donate, in lieu of performing physical work for service hours, to the Worlds End/Loyalsock State Forest fund that is held through the PA Parks and Forests Foundation. This fund was set up by the race back in 2015 to support the beautiful Worlds End state park and Loyalsock state forest we utilize for the race. All funds go directly to the state park/forest! Maybe in the future as the race grows, we will set up a Black Forest specific fund but for now this our best course of action.
    • We are asking for a $50 donation for 8 hours of work.
    • If you have already performed 4 hours of work, you may donate $25 for the remaining 4 hours of work.
    • Please submit a service requirement form to show that you have donated to the PPFF fund and we will match the form with the report PPFF sends us each week with donations.
    • Donation link - https://ppff.z2systems.com/np/clients/ppff/donation.jsp?campaign=144&

Hopefully this helps with any questions you may have as we navigate this interesting time we are in!

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