First Year Fun

First Year Fun

As with any first year event, you learn to roll with the punches.

No matter how smooth things appear to go on the outside, there are always hiccups to overcome behind the scenes. This latest hiccup will definitely be noticeable on race day. While I like the race logo, it hasn't quite felt right to me. Over the past month and a half, I've reworked the logo several times and finally struck onto something that I like. I'm no graphic designer but I still enjoy doing this part of the job. So with the revised logo, I've been working with our primary vendor to get the buckle done, but it hasn't gone well. Some of the blame falls on me since I've made changes late in the process and also wanted to take the buckle to the next level by making it a 3D sculpted buckle. Dissatisfied with the current work, I decided to go to my back up vendor and start fresh. Due to the complexity of a 3d sculpted buckle and starting from scratch, the buckles will not be done in time for the race. I can accept this outcome because I much rather give our finishers one rad buckle, albeit delayed, than a mediocre one at the finish.

With that said, if you purchased a buckle when you registered, I will mail them to you when I receive them.

The finish line food menu was drawn up by my food coordinators this week. They have a nice theme going on that includes: vegetarian black bean burgers, blackened spare ribs, and homemade macaroni and cheese. A nice hard earned meal after a long hard run through the PA Wilds!

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